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Request a free no obligation Comparable Marketing Appraisal to assist you in understanding the value of your home as governed by the Real Estate Authority.


Careful consideration will be given to factors that may affect the price of your home, including but not limited to the following:

the market conditions
competitor homes on the market
homes sold nearby the area in general
number of bedrooms and bathrooms
the size of your home
the size of section
the property Title

This depends on your property, the market and your own personal preference. A Calibre Real Estate professional representative will discuss your circumstances, your property, the current market conditions, your time-frame and your desired outcome with you to determine the marketing method you are most comfortable with. Please see a summary of each method of sale below:



The Auctions Terms and Conditions are approved by your solicitor before the start of the campaign and made available to prospective purchasers when viewing the property. Purchasers have the opportunity to get their own legal advice on the document prior to bidding at the Auction. Terms may be requested to be varied by the Purchaser, which would be done by mutual agreement. A Common Variation would be the settlement date or inclusion of a particular chattel, for instance, a fridge.

The Auctions Terms and Conditions would be approved by your solicitor. Purchasers would have the opportunity to get their own legal advice on the document prior to bidding at the Auction. Terms may be requested to be varied by the Purchaser, and that may be done by mutual agreement. A typical variation could be the settlement date which is chosen by the Vendor in the first instance.

There is no Asking Price so you cannot over or under-price your home.

It provides a level of comfort to Purchasers because the process is 100% transparent which ensures they will pay market value for the property.

There is a defined end date for Purchasers to make a decision on purchasing your home, being the Auction date.

The sale is unconditional, and the job is done!

The Auction process is really a 3-step process:
  • 1. Your home could be sold prior to the Auction on the Auction Terms and Conditions and would, therefore, be an Unconditional Transaction.
  • 2. Your home could sell at Auction on the Auction Terms and Conditions
  • 3. Your home may be sold after Auction with flexible Terms and Conditions where required.



The Tender process gives the purchasers more flexibility but still has a fixed end date and end time. The Tender process allows purchasers to present conditional offers, trades and extended settlement dates. Keen purchasers will mostly present offers with the most favourable terms and could, therefore, be unconditional.

This is a fixed Date of the Sale process. The Tender process allows purchasers to present conditional offers to you. This does not necessarily mean that all offers would be conditional (for instance the sale of a house, or finance) as really interested parties wanting to win the Tender would always try to present an unconditional offer. Settlement date may vary greatly as well.

The Tender process is not transparent. Tenders would be presented in sealed envelopes, to be opened at a set date and time. All tenders are confidential and only revealed to the Vendor and the Vendor’s Agent, and/or their Solicitor. If none of the Tenders are acceptable to the Vendor, the Vendor has the right to negotiate with any Purchaser he deems to be the most favourable (not necessarily the highest bid).

This method, in our experience, is particularly suited to unusual properties where Purchasers may perceive very different values.


  • 1. Set Date of Sale or Expressions of Interest by a certain date. There is no set price but offers are invited by a specific date, however, Vendors are able to accept offers prior to the set date.
  • 2. By Negotiation. Using this method there is no asking price or a defined time period for Purchasers to make an offer on the property. It usually takes longer to achieve a result and may cost you more in marketing.
  • 3. Set Price. You will be marketing your home with a Set Price using this method. There is the risk of overpricing or underpricing your home using this method.
  • Overpricing will result in fewer inspections and your home may not be seen as value-for-money, therefore, losing valuable purchasers.
  • Underpricing would mean the loss of valuable revenue you deserve to have.

There are a lot of details to take care of before you list your home and show it to prospective buyers. To help you prepare yourself and your home, check out these four basic stages of preparation:

Prepare yourself
Repair and replace
Declutter and clean

Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and start repairing, improving and staging your home to make it buyer-ready!


Start to assemble key documents, such as:

Code of compliance documents including for alterations
Any original survey documents and plans
Power and water statements
The most recent rates demand
Body corporate documents
Any disclosures required

Get copies of any documents pertaining to property disclosures. List any defects current or rectified, disclose any hazards that you may be aware of. Full disclosures from Vendors are obligatory and make buyers aware of things they should look at and give them the opportunity to do their own due diligence. Full disclosure protects you against any legal action in the future.


This is the time to fix all those little items that you’ve had on your “to do” list for years. Do you have a lock that doesn’t work, a leaky toilet, or an electrical outlet that doesn’t work? It might seem small, but potential buyers may see them as a sign that the home hasn’t been properly maintained. If a buyer finds anything, they could find fault with, they will look for more and usually will find things they will use in their defense for offering a lower price. Go through your home inside and out with a fine-tooth comb to identify any items to be repaired and or upgraded. Little things make a big difference, there is a big difference between making minor and inexpensive “polishes” and “touch-ups” to your house, we are not talking about doing extensive and costly renovations. If there is work needed to be done that you could not afford or choose not to do at the time of marketing your home, get a quotation from a reputable contractor to do the work that you may be able to pass on to the purchaser.

Decluttering involves removing the items in a space so it’s less cluttered and more functional. Spend some time evaluating the inside of your home; then make and execute a plan to declutter and stage before you’re ready to show your home. First, declutter to minimize or eliminate distractions that could otherwise take away their focus on the things that really matter. Less is more, the fewer objects in a room the more spacious it feels. Any items that are not in use or are unnecessary should be stored. The same goes for your cupboards and wardrobes. Decluttering creates a feeling of space and ample storage in your home. Store all the big boys’ toys that take up valuable space in the garage as well to create a feeling of space.
Never underestimate the importance of cleaning while you are decluttering and staging. Really scrub and polish every single area from top to bottom. Pay special attention to Bathrooms and Kitchens. Don’t forget to look up! Remove cobwebs and dust moldings, replace burnt-out light bulbs and dust existing bulbs. Doing a thorough job ahead of time will make keeping the house in show-ready shape – a breeze later with the added bonus that it will make moving day easier as well!

Staging is one of the most powerful ways to make buyers want to buy your home. It can be as simple as cleaning, removing furniture or unnecessary items and repainting. Or it can require a clean sweep that involves storing belongings off-site, redecorating, and even renting furniture and art. We work with very reputable staging companies who are creative and will transform the look of a room or even the entire home. If purchasers enjoy the ambiance you are likely to achieve greater value.

Shampoo carpets yourself or have them professionally cleaned. Most importantly, clean carpets help ensure the home is free of odours, particularly if you own pets which, by the way, you will not be aware of if they smell.

Declutter – Store some of your personal items and create as much open space as possible. Placing extra furniture in storage is a great way to free up space while you’re showing your home. Keep in mind that there may be lots of people in your home at the same time having a nosey, and if there is no space for people to move freely, they will put it down to it being small rather than being cluttered.

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